In a ruling that will not be published formally, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority censured the ‘Out of Europe, Out of Work’ billboard campaign run by the pro-single currency lobby group, Britain in Europe. Headlined Cut off from Europe. Three million jobs face the axe, the ads showed an axe poised to fall on the British Isles; it also implied that job losses could rise as high as eight million jobs.

Officially, the offending ads are classed as a political campaign and therefore beyond the advertising watchdog’s remit. However, a leaked draft of the ASA’s deliberations left no doubt about its verdict: “We understood from research reports that over three million jobs were connected to Britain's trade with the EU and that eight million could be linked to European trade. [We are] concerned that no study claimed those jobs would no longer exist if Britain were to withdraw from Europe.”

News source: Sunday Business (UK) [21-May-00]