The top ten articles downloaded by Warc's Asia Pacific users this year show a clear interest in emerging trends and new media.

Overall, five of the ten leading pieces were forward-looking in emphasis. The top two items assessed global social media habits and the key shifts currently impacting the digital world respectively.

An Admap roundtable, featuring six industry "sages" debating the future of planning, claimed third.

Other entries in the list included a rundown of the most important changes observable in Chinese consumer behaviour, and a piece on brand insight from emerging markets by JWT's Guy Murphy.

There was just one case study in the top ten. That was the winner of the inaugural Warc Prize for Ideas and Evidence, Juniper Park's work for Frito-Lay's SunChips.

Warc recently launched a case study competition for Asia, the US$5,000 Warc Prize for Asian Strategy.

Also proving popular were an Admap article on semiotics that provided in-depth analysis of Cadbury's famous "Gorilla" ad, a piece on the brand implications of mergers and a research report from Grey's Bindu Sethi on shopper trends across Asia.

Data sourced from Warc