SYDNEY: Agencies and advertisers in Asia are choosing to remain cautious as Facebook makes a play for more ad dollars and positions itself as a complementary mobile channel to TV.

The social media giant has partnered with Nielsen to launch a new advertising product, Target Rating Points Buying, which will allow buyers to integrate and measure campaigns across both television and Facebook.

Facebook confirmed to Campaign Asia-Pacific that the new product will initially be available in Australia only, with no current plans to roll it out across wider Asia.

Brands can plan a campaign with Target Rating Points in mind as they usually would, then allocate and buy those TRPs directly with Facebook.

Options for video GRP buying have been available in in parts of Asia since early 2013 when TubeMogul, ComScore and Nielsen launched measurement platforms bringing TV planning tools into the online space.

In markets that consume a lot of video, such as Singapore, a roll out could definitely affect traditional TV budgets, said Giles Henderson, Director – Media and Channels at VML Qais. Digital video and social media has greater penetration in Singapore than TV advertising, numbers which could prompt brands to rethink their strategy in the South East Asian market if the product was launched there.

Derek Laney, head of product marketing for Salesforce in Asia-Pacific, was skeptical. "Reality is, brands aren't going to just transfer their above-the-line budgets straight to digital and try to do the exact same thing and try to blanket Facebook with 'try my product' messages," he told Campaign Asia-Pacific.

Asia is the fastest growing region for Facebook, with the number of users in the area grew 21% over the year to June 2015.

Data sourced from Campaign Asia-Pacific, Digiday; additional content by Warc staff