Freshly merged AOL Time Warner, now the biggest media group in the world, has made a number of new appointments.

On the marketing side, Jan Brandt, president of marketing, becomes vice chair and chief marketing officer of AOL. Meanwhile, Myer Berlow, president of Interactive Marketing, assumes the presidency of Worldwide Interactive Marketing, taking control of global advertising, commerce and partner relationships.

Other moves include Ray Oglethorpe (former president of AOL Technologies), who becomes president of America Online.

Also being transferred are Jonathan Sacks (ex-senior VP–general manager of AOL) and Audrey Weil (former senior VP–general manager of CompuServe), who both take up the presidency of their respective divisions.

Meanwhile, at the Interactive Properties Group, Ted Leonsis moves from the presidency to become vice chair and new product officer, while his old job is taken by Donn Davies, the former coo.

News source: Advertising Age - Interactive Daily