AOL Time Warner has set up a new division responsible for selling ads and promotions across the group’s vast array of media properties.

The Global Marketing Solutions Group will push space and time sales in AOL TW’s online, print and TV assets, with Myer Berlow, formerly America Online’s president of global interactive marketing, as its inaugural president. Replacing Berlow at AOL is Robert Friedman.

The group is keen to broaden relationships with current advertisers to encompass more of its media properties. Around twenty firms have used the merger between AOL and Time Warner to expand their ad arrangements. One such company is Swatch, which initially bought space in TW’s magazines but has recently extended to the media giant’s TV and online properties.

“For me, this is a dream come true,” commented Berlow. “The promise of the merger always was to get the brands working together to sell more.”

As AOL TW’s subscriber growth rate tapers, the group is expected to become increasingly reliant on advertising, forecast to account for as much as 70% of revenue in coming years.

News source: Wall Street Journal