ORLANDO: Marketing must aim to build brands and drive business results with "incredible consistency and reliability", Bob Liodice, president/ceo of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), has suggested.

Liodice discussed this subject at the organisation's 2015 Masters of Marketing Conference – an event held in Orlando, Florida.

"Mastering brands and driving results – time and again, with incredible consistency and reliability – is what our marketing ecosystem should dynamically generate," he said. (For more, including examples of inspiring campaigns, read Warc's exclusive report: Liodice cites best practices for new marketers.)

Drilling down into this topic, he asserted that the agenda for practitioners has three foundational elements which remain constant despite the major changes impacting the industry.

"The universal truth is that great marketing isn't great unless it is validated by superb business results, well-developed brands and, of course, enduring business growth," he said.

And growth, he reported, represents much more than a line on a spreadsheet. Rather, when marketing masters consider this idea, they speak in terms of revenue, income, market share, social responsibility and influence.

The search for this growth is undoubtedly taking place at a time when technological capabilities are evolving at a rapid speed – a trend offering huge opportunities for digitally-savvy marketers.

"As the legacy marketing model continues to be disrupted, challenging marketers have responded in new and innovative ways," said Liodice.

"We no longer hope for change. We create change through multiscreen platforms and integrated marketing programs; through efficient programmatic media strategies; through addressable, interactive and connected campaigns; through [the] intelligent expansion of social media; through expansive strategies using outdoor, digital, place-based media and real-time marketing; and leveraging one of the hottest buttons of media today, connected TV."

Just as marketers are able to build brands and businesses, he further ventured, their work can have a far wider social and economic influence.

"As an industry, our responsibility is to advance, protect and defend the rights of all marketers while we build our brands and our businesses," said Liodice.

"We're an economic engine for the global community. We build brands. We grow businesses. We create jobs. We influence lives. We build careers. And we have an impact on society. We're all of that and more."

Data sourced from Warc