NEW YORK: The Association of National Advertisers on Monday published a position paper urging the introduction of TV ratings for individual commercials - as opposed to the current system which supplies only the averaged ratings of all commercials within a given program.

This depth of detail, posits the ANA, will provide marketers with a deeper understanding of program and commercial viewership.

The marketing body will root for this increased data at its upcoming annual TV Forum on March 20, citing the need for greater accountability in a medium where $70 billion (€53.07bn; £36.29bn) is spent annually on advertising time

There are additional advantages of brand-specific ratings data, says the ANA. It will . . .

  • Serve as a copy testing meter to identify stronger and weaker executions within a commercial, enabling marketers to pull (or fix) weak spots and heavy-up on robust ones.

  • Function as a benchmark for commercial 'wear-out'.

  • Provide a better understanding of impact differences related to such factors as pod position, length of creative, and national versus local placement.

  • Establish the value of in-program and in-game features and sponsorships.

  • Help marketers understand how DVR usage habits impact all of the above.
Says ANA president/ceo Bob Liodice: "The ANA strongly encourages the US industry - advertisers, the media, agencies and research companies - to work collaboratively to make brand-specific commercial ratings a reality. [Such] ratings will not only help marketers make better decisions, they are an invaluable tool for overall campaign management and accountability."

Data sourced from Association of National Advertisers (USA); additional content by WARC staff