Tennis star Andre Agassi is cashing-in on his recent Grand Slam comeback in a $25 million campaign for vitamins and nutritional supplements purveyor Twinlab Corporation.

The campaign, Twinlab’s largest ever, is created by New York shop Hanft Byrne Raboy & Partners. It breaks this coming Friday, introducing the theme, Answers. For life, linking Agassi's improved performance with the use of Twinlab products in his training regimen. The player has been signed to a multiyear contract on undisclosed financial terms.

"Here's a celebrity who actually uses our products and has become a fitter, stronger player," said Neil Blechman, Twinlab executive vice president. "It's a unique opportunity for our company."

Sadly for Mr Blechman, Agassi’s “fitter, stronger” image failed to impress Karol Kucera - a player ranked at number 65 in the French Open – who ungraciously eliminated the No. 1 seed and defending champion in the second-round. Agassi’s defeat was attributed to a blistered right toe.

News source: New York Times