The continuing dispute between media owners and independent newsagents is leading to increased insert dumping – the deliberate removal by newsagents of national newspaper advertising inserts.

It is alleged that a significant volume of inserts are either dumped or returned to the advertiser so as to pile pressure on the newspaper owners to resolve the dispute. UK direct marketing weekly Precision Marketing claims to have been contacted by worried [but unnamed] advertisers.

The matter has been referred to the DMA Inserts Council, whose chair Karen Doyle met on Friday to discuss the problem with other DMA members and executives. An official statement will be released today.

Comments Doyle: “The key issue is to identify who is doing this. However, I am concerned that if we make a big issue of this, it could merely fuel what these people are doing.” Echoed Andy Sloan, managing director of All Response Media: "Advertisers should be concerned about this and national newspapers are not doing enough to reassure advertisers

News source: Precision Marketing (UK)