German sportswear firm Adidas has beaten its arch-rival Nike in the battle to associate their brands with the Olympics, reports a new survey. Ironically, Adidas's recognition has been achieved without spending one single penny on official sponsorship.

The poll, conducted by Britain’s Chartered Institute of Marketing, found that 19% of the 1,000 respondents recognised Adidas as an Olympic sponsor (which it is not), compared to 17% for Nike.

Nor will other Olympic sponsors Visa, IBM, Xerox and Panasonic be overjoyed to learn that they trail in the Olympic recognition stakes behind Speedo, American Express and Accurist – none of whom sponsor the Games.

The top five were:
Coca-Cola 22%
Adidas 19%
Nike 17%
McDonald’s 15%
Reebok 14%.

News Source: CampaignLive(UK)