DURHAM, NC: ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery and History are the five most popular channels in the US, but consumers are prepared to pay only between $1.52 and $1.55 a month to access each one, a new report has shown.

Digitalsmiths, a TiVo company, released these findings in its latest quarterly Video Trends Report, which polled more than 3,100 US consumers on their attitudes to pay-TV packages and à la carte offerings.

At 70.7%, ABC emerged as the most desired channel for US consumers, who revealed they would pay an average of $1.52 a month to receive the Disney-owned network.

CBS was the second most popular channel (70.1%) with consumers prepared to pay $1.55 a month, followed by NBC (65.5%/$1.54), Discovery Channel (62.1%/$1.53), and History (59.7%/$1.54).

When it came to packaged deals, the report found that consumers were willing to pay $15.30 per month for the top 10 most popular channels – which also includes FOX, A&E, PBS, TNT and TBS – and $32.92 per month for their favourite 20, Multichannel News reported.

The report also explored respondents' attitude to advertising and revealed that 69.4% answered yes when asked, "If Netflix or Hulu offered a free TV service requiring viewers to watch commercials, would the respondent consider using it?"

In addition, 83.3% said they would be willing to watch one to four commercials in a half hour period, and even among those uninterested in a free service with ads, 14.3% reported that they would be open to ads if the content was personalised to their interests and/or viewing preferences.

The researchers then examined whether there was a correlation between those consumers who wanted an à la carte pay-TV offering and those who wanted a free streaming service with commercials offered by Netflix or Hulu.

It found that 78% said they desired à la carte pay-TV, yet interestingly a full three-quarters (75.8%) of these consumers also said they would use a free streaming service.

Data sourced from Digitalsmiths, TiVo, Multichannel News, Advanced Television; additional content by Warc staff