America's Audit Bureau of Circulations has imposed punitive new audit measures on three formerly respected daily newspapers for their "deceptive and fraudulent circulation practices"

The offending trio -- the Chicago Sun-Times (a unit of Hollinger International), Newsday and New York Spanish-language daily Hoy (both owned by the Tribune Company of Chicago) -- will now be on the receiving end of harsh new audit measures. These include …

• Circulation reports audited every six months instead of yearly.

• Overall circulation to be excluded from a biannual summary of other newspapers' circulation data.

• The submission to the ABC of proposals for correcting their circulation reporting practices

Newsday publisher Ray Jansen called the ABC's sanctions "both reasonable and appropriate". He added: "Newsday is cooperating completely with [the bureau] to take all measures necessary to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our circulation figures."

The other publishers made similar compunctious noises.

Data sourced from: New York Times; additional content by WARC staff