The review of US media ownership laws will go ahead with minimal input from the ad sector, after the American Association of Advertising Agencies decided not to comment on the Federal Communications Commission’s plans to allow greater consolidation.

In December, the 4As was thought to be working with consumer groups to prepare a case against relaxation of the rules. However, last month it declared it needed more information before committing itself to the debate [WAMN: 15-Jan-03].

The deadline to file comments with the FCC has now passed without word from the 4As, which decided not to become embroiled as its members could not agree whether to support or oppose consolidation. Agencies, says the group’s senior vp Adonis Hoffman, “had strong feelings on both sides of the issue.”

However, the 4As will advise the FCC on technical matters, such as how the various media work and whether one can be substituted for another.

“We look forward to providing the commission with practical, insightful, expert views on the rules as they affect the ad industry in the implementation stage,” continued Hoffman. “We believe that no other party can help the commission guide its process as it relates to advertising.”

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