A FLURRY of hard-hitting Automobile Association full-page ads in the national dailies targets RAC Motoring Services’ members who are aggrieved at being excluded from the cash bonanza arising from Cendant Corporation’s £450 million takeover. The 11,000 full members of the patri-cian Royal Automobile Club are each expected to receive £35,000; its 5.7 million associate members, zilch. The campaign, by HHCL & Partners, is headlined: ‘The AA. Owned by its members. Run for its members.’ The body copy rams home the fact that full members’ windfall is likely to be £35,000 each, then delivers the punchline: ‘If you’re an ordinary member of RAC Motoring Services you appear to be in line for £0000. We reckon you need another number [the AA membership hotline]’. The AA, which has publicly committed to mutuality, claims to have received ‘hundreds of calls’ from disenchanted RAC associate members wanting to switch to the AA.