An overwhelming majority (98%) of McDonald’s franchisees have opted to support the fast food chain’s $1 national value menu [WAMN: 10-Sep-02] and put their money where their vote is with $40 million (€41.16m; £25.9m) in additional advertising.

Also part of the adopted plan is a $1 billion outlet refurbishment program scheduled for completion by 2004.

The first $1 offer for Big N' Tasty or McChicken sandwiches breaks October 4 with TV commercials by DDB Worldwide, Chicago, appropriately featuring real estate ego Donald Trump. Rollout to the full eight-item Dollar Menu starts November 1.

Wall Street failed to be impressed by anything as unfashionable as good value and the entrail-rakers downgraded their earnings estimates for the burger behemoth which is due to unveil its Q3 results today (Tuesday).

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