NEW YORK: Marketers should strive to produce not just more content but a greater amount of "work that matters", according to a leading executive from Coca-Cola.

Wendy Clark, the firm's president/sparkling brands and strategic marketing – and who will become president/CEO of DDB North America in January 2016 – discussed this topic at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) MIXX event.

And she suggested that marketers aiming to thrive on platforms like YouTube must find new ways of creating content – while carefully balancing the demands for quality and quantity.

"The content and conversation around your brands is happening without you. So, therefore, you must figure out how to partner with these consumers," said Clark. (For more, including tips for how agencies can prosper in the digital world, read Warc's exclusive report: Coke's Clark primes for move to DDB.)

"The goal isn't 'more'; it's 'more good' – work that matters. This is important not only for your brands and company, but, quite frankly, this is important for the industry. We need to hold ourselves to a standard of work that matters."

An example of this idea in action was "Make It Happy", which ran during and around the 2015 Super Bowl, and demonstrated the "brave, impactful, optimistic, confident, compelling, interesting and ambitious" values of Coca-Cola.

This partnership involved "content creators and influencers who helped us expand our execution in all forms and types of content, to make the point around 'Make It Happy' – to make it a happier and richer world."

And such an effort evidenced how marketers can move beyond their established patterns of working and have a meaningful impact.

"When we collaborated and came together with YouTube, we created something better than I believe either of us could alone," Clark said.

"The goal in this real-time, socially-rich, content-rich marketplace is not to just do more content; it's to do more good [content] … We must hold ourselves to this bar – this metric – as an industry."

Data sourced from Warc