THE LATEST DEALER INCENTIVE scheme from mobile network One2One offers sales staff an opportunity to take part in a number of daredevil pursuits, including drag racing and taking a Ferrari for a spin. Collecting 200 points for each pre-pay phone package sold, staff whose nerve is strong enough can save for the top prize - a flight in a Russian MiG fighter - a snip at just 30,000 points [but pray that NATO isn't carrying out a precision targeting exercise at the same time!]. The scheme, combined with aggressive pricing policies, is designed to maintain One2One's competitiveness in the current mobile price war, and will help to make the company an attractive proposition to prospective buyers. French conglomerate Vivendi is the first bidder, with Microsoft, Deutsche Telecom, Mannesman and France Telecom likely to follow suit, thereby raising the ante to a guesstimated £11 billion.