LONDON: Almost 83% of video shares worldwide are made by just 17.9% of internet users and Facebook is by far the most used sharing platform, a new global study has found.

The Geography of Sharing Report by Unruly, the marketing technology company, analysed video sharing patterns across 11 countries and over 521bn video views.

The majority of video shares occur on Facebook (59.4%), the report discovered, but Twitter is also popular and used by 13.8%, followed by Google+ (9.3%), Tumblr (5.7%) and Pinterest (3.9%).

Over three-quarters of video views take place outside of YouTube, the report said, but among those who use YouTube, video-sharers in Brazil are the most active.

Looking at the 17.9% of internet users who account for 82.4% of video shares – a group Unruly identifies as "super-sharers" – the report found they share videos with their social networks more than once a week. In all, 8.6% of them do so daily.

Olly Smith, EMEA MD at Unruly, suggested advertisers looking to drive more earned media should target these "super-sharer" consumers.

"Our data shows that for brands wanting to extend their audience reach and maximise earned media on their digital video campaigns, targeting super-sharers across a broad range of platforms greatly increases their chances of success," he said.

Smith added that "local activation" is the key to success, considering that the report found differences in behaviour around the world.

South Koreans, for example, are the fastest sharers, with 20% of shares occurring within the first 24 hours of the launch. They are also the most likely (28%) to click, replay or share an ad than users in the other 10 countries covered in the study.

At 79%, viewers in Germany are more likely to watch an ad to the end, followed by the UK (77%), but across all countries happiness is the main motivation to share a video.

Data sourced from Unruly; additional content by Warc staff