NEW YORK: "The moving finger writes and having writ … doth click the 'Send' key and then much rueth it," as Omar Khayyám might have versified had he lived in the email age. 

Such anguished poesy currently rends the air within the executive washrooms of Carat New York, after one of the agency's most senior human resources executives committed the same horrendous boo-boo we've all committed at some time or another ... 

... mistakenly hit Outlook's 'Send' button without first checking the 'To …' and 'cc …' boxes! 

The Carat email, intended only for the eyes of the agency's senior management, was instead sent to the entire workforce.

It deals with an imminent major restructuring which includes many layoffs. Worse yet, there were two attachments, detailing the rationale for the restructure and a Powerpoint presentation.

This nightmare scenario was further exacerbated when a disgruntled employee copied the email and its attachments to US adland bible Advertising Age.

Interviewed subsequently by AdAge, Carat president Scott Sorokin claimed that the restructure was in the best interest of the agency's clientele as a response to "client needs."

The layoffs were not unexpected following last week's announcement by parent company Aegis Group – although the scope and detail of the restructuring in New York (and elsewhere stateside)  was not spelled out.

Vulgar terms such as 'downsizing' and layoffs' were eschewed in favour of one seemingly coined by a copywriter:'right-sizing'.

It is not known if (or whose) heads have rolled.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff