CHICAGO: Such was the event's media coverage that even unto the furthest reaches of Ursa Minor, the universe now knows of the guilt of Lord Conrad Black, so adjudged on Friday in a Chicago court.

Having undergone the ordeal of a three-month trial, His Lordship (62) now faces up to 35 years in jail, But defence lawyer, Edward Greenspan declared his confidence that there are "viable legal issues" on which an appeal can be lodged.

"We came here to face thirteen counts," he said. "Conrad Black was acquitted of all the central charges. They have been dismissed.

"We believe, based on the conviction of the charges here, that the sentences for this type of offence are far less than what the government suggested."

Black's bail proceedings were adjourned by Judge Amy St Eve until Thursday to allow his defence team to consult Canadian lawyers. Assuming the verdict is upheld, he is due to be sentenced on 30 November.

Data sourced from BBC Online (UK); additional content by WARC staff