NONE OTHER THAN BART SIMPSON now calls the marketing shots at Benson's Crisps - or Snack-house, as the company is soon to rebrand itself. Meantime, the immortal advice of cult hero Bart has been taken literally by Benson's: 'Bart Simpson is always saying 'eat my shorts', so we've produced a product which allows people to do just that', said managing director Neil Hopkins-Coman proudly. 'We also have a snack called Homer's Couch Potatoes.'

Explaining the rationale behind the imminent name change, Hopkins-Coman said: 'Customer found having the word 'crisps' in our name very confusing as we also produce other snack products including dried fruit snacks. While the food sector is having a very tough time at the moment, the snack sector is completely different. We are becoming a nation of snackers.'