Neatly making a virtue out of necessity, St Louis-based brewing behemoth Anheuser-Busch has turned to its advantage a German federal court’s decision earlier this year not to allow it to use the famed ‘Bud’ diminution of its Budweiser brand in the nation’s marketplace [WAMN: 30-Apr-01]. ‘Bud’, the court ruled, was misleadingly similar to existing German beer brand ‘Bit’.

Now the artful brewer is a running a press campaign in Berlin dailies (via Duesseldorf’s Crossworks DDB) urging Germans aged over 18 to visit a special website site This invites them to “invent a new name for America's famous beer” - currently on sale in the capital in unbranded bottles. To date over 3,000 have responded in the hope of wining a trip to the US with $20,000 to spend.

The promo marks over two decades during which Anheuser has tried unsuccessfully to elbow its way into Germany - one of a handful of global markets where it has no presence.

News source: AdAge Global