The entire editorial department of respected French weekly news magazine Paris Match are up in arms at the alleged incursion across the border between editorial and advertising.

At the heart of the row is a 36-page, $500,000 advertising supplement for the Cegetel mobile phone network. This, fume reporters, photographers and editors, apes the unique style and layout of the host publication, blurring the cherished distinction between editorial and ad content.

Cegetel, a joint venture between Britain’s BT and French media conglomerate Vivendi, booked the 800,000-run supplement to celebrate the signing of its ten millionth customer. Staffers complain that not only does it emulate the written style of Paris Match, but also its visual format and emphasis on photo-journalism.

Managing editor Alain Genestar concedes that there are grounds for criticism and promises consultation in future between editorial and advertising staff before similar ad supplements are run.

News source: Advertising Age - International Daily