NEW DELHI: Nestle India is turning to product packaging as a key channel in its content marketing strategy, a senior executive at the company has revealed.

According to Anamika Sirohi, Head of Visual Identity and Design at Nestle India, product packaging can be placed at the heart of content creation to generate brand conversations online. (For more details read WARC’s exclusive report: How Nestlé India uses product packaging for content marketing.)

"Compelling storytelling is what makes iconic brands. If you see how these brands have been created over the years, you will find wonderful stories associated with them,” she told the Content Marketing Asia Summit in New Delhi.

"Brilliant packaging is a big part of how their stories are decoded by consumers. It is something we forget in this whole thing about digital and content. My argument is that packaging is content," she stated.

Sirohi cited Nestle’s campaign for chocolate brand KitKat, which partnered with Google on a launch which used product packaging alongside augmented reality to tell a story.

"And then the consumers got into the act, we had a lot of consumer generated content also coming out. In other words, the packaging carried the complete campaign on its own," Sirohi said of the initiative, which was the first augmented reality campaign for a consumer brand in India.

Brands should use packaging to create a physical experience that translates into online shares, she advised. "People are sharing their physical experience online, so the demarcation between the physical and the digital is something we have in our minds," she explained.

"The moment you leverage the physical world and empower these people with experiences to share or talk about, you have got it going really well. Therefore good design begets good content."

Data sourced from WARC