NEW YORK: Digital marketing may have to evolve over the next decade into a more curated and algorithmically targeted service as consumers struggle with the mass of messaging that comes their way, according to a trio of analysts from Forrester.

Speaking at the Forrester Consumer Marketing Forum 2017 event at the end of last week, Shar VanBoskirk, the research firm's VP and Principal Analyst, and her colleagues James McQuivey and Fatemeh Khatibloo, said consumers are craving a simpler life.

With individual social media channels churning out so much information, coupled with content from brands and marketers, consumers can find it difficult to sift through the clutter to get to the content they want, the analysts said.

That is why the future of marketing may see the marketer act as a filter between consumers and the huge quantity of content they receive, delivering rewards for both parties, Luxury Daily reported.

"There can be too much clutter and complexity for the user. There will be a smoothing out in the experiences," said VanBoskirk.

"Why is it in a world where you have so much choice, there's only one search engine?" she asked. "We have so much but we really crave a simpler life. Marketers can anticipate that desire for a simple experience and smooth out the process."

That could involve marketers developing a curated, concierge-like digital experience with mobile apps intelligently managing consumers' complicated digital lives and helping them to locate the content they want to see.

Forrester analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo described such a service – an algorithm that fully understands a user's needs and can curate experiences around them – as "the algorithm of me".

Although she acknowledged that "we are still a good 10 or 15 years away from that".

Data sourced from Luxury Daily; additional content by WARC staff