BOCA RATON, FL: Marketers must prepare for a "brave new world" in which media, advertising and technology are increasingly fused with one other, according to analysis from Ipsos Connect, the research firm.

Sherrill Mane, Head of Strategy at Ipsos Connect, discussed this subject at The Market Research Event (TMRE), a conference held by KNect365.

More specifically, she outlined select findings from a survey of 300 client-side and agency executives, as well as interviews with 22 industry "opinion-shapers", regarding their views on the future of advertising.

"An overwhelming majority of brand marketers and agency professionals agree that we have entered a 'brave new world', where media, advertising and technology are coming together," she reported. (More details are available in Warc's free-to-access feature report: Ipsos Connect: How Tech Upends Media and Advertising.)

In an attempt to help marketers make sense of this growing fusion, Ipsos Connect has coined the term "MAdTech", short for "media, advertising and technology".

"The concepts of 'pure-play advertising' and 'pure-play media' are disappearing. Neither can stand alone. And technology is the driving force behind the mash-up of media and advertising," said Mane.

Supporting evidence for this powerful shift is, in fact, taking shape in almost every household, street and shopping mall throughout the United States.

"Consumers' lives are inextricably tied to technology," Mane said. "We see it everywhere in our own daily lives and in our research."

One response to this trend, she continued, involves moving from "sequential" brand communications to "simultaneous" forms of messaging.

"In the old days, the path of communications from the brand to the consumer was a linear and direct one, reflecting the analogue nature of media," Mane said.

"It often proceeded from the brand – and its big idea – to television, radio, print, outdoor and point-of-sale to affect the consumer.

"This has changed with digital media that allows for the simultaneous communication of story elements that come together to form a single concept."

Data sourced from Warc