LONDON: More than half (57%) of UK consumers say they will be ready for automatic purchasing via connected devices within two years, and 13% of them are ready now, a new survey has revealed.

Digital agency Salmon polled 2,000 UK consumers about their attitudes towards smart home devices, such as those that can reorder products automatically, Internet Retailing reported.

The survey also found that 35% already have such a device in their home, or plan to buy one in the coming year, while 58% said they were more likely to buy the technology if it enabled this kind of shopping.

Coming just a day after Amazon announced the launch of its Dash instant purchase buttons in the UK, the Salmon survey reinforced the rapid changes taking place among UK consumers when it comes to technology.

"The rise of digital has been the single greatest change in retail over the past decade. Consumers have wholeheartedly embraced online shopping services for the convenience, time-saving and enjoyment they can bring," said Neil Stewart, CEO of Salmon.

"While we expected consumers to already appreciate the benefits of digital, we have been pleasantly surprised by how ready they are for automated shopping. Our research paints a picture of a sophisticated and engaged consumer, ready to take advantage of the impact of smart technology in their digital shopping."

Going into further detail, the survey found that more than half (54%) of respondents would like to use smart shopping technology to order household supplies as well as food and drink, while a third (34%) would use it for beauty, healthcare and personal hygiene products.

Consumers perceived the main advantages of smart shopping as enabling them to save time (37%), convenience (25%) and saving money, if the service automatically selected products based on price (37%).

That said, consumers also expressed some reservations, such as lack of control over purchases (54%) and the familiar issues of security (51%) and data privacy (51%).

"We have already seen consumer appetite for purchases through connected devices in the launch of Amazon Dash, and programmatic commerce will take this further," said Stewart. "Consumers will embrace the convenience, and those [brands] that offer it first will reap the advantages."

Data sourced from Salmon, Internet Retailing, Guardian; additional content by Warc staff