GLOBAL: The time spent with traditional media by consumers will fall across the board in 2016 as internet consumption – specifically the mobile internet – continues to rise, according to a new report.

Zenith's Media Consumption Forecasts 2016 predicted that mobile internet consumption will increase by more than a quarter this year, climbing 27.7% and driving a 1.4% increase in overall media consumption

But all other media usage, including desktop internet, is set to decline by some 3.4%, the report said.

Desktop internet will actually see the greatest decline (-15.8%) as mobile consolidates its position as the main platform for internet consumption.

In 2016, MediaPost reported, people will spend an average of 86 minutes a day using the mobile internet, compared to 36 minutes using desktop internet. Overall, a total of 71% of internet consumption will take place on mobile devices.

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"Mobile technology is transforming the way people around the world consume media, and is expanding overall media consumption," said Jonathan Barnard, Zenith's head of forecasting.

"It provides traditional media owners the opportunity to reach people and places they've never had access to previously, and gives consumers entirely new ways to find and enjoy compelling content."

Traditional media are predicted to decline to a lesser degree than desktop. And in the case of magazines (-6.7%) and newspapers (-5.6%), those falls will be offset to some extent by consumers switching to digital versions of the print media which are not included in Zenith's calculations.

Similarly, television (-1.5%) as a channel will be boosted by more people consuming on-demand content via mobile devices.

Among other media, radio is set to contract by 2.4%, outdoor by 0.8% and cinema by 0.5%.

Even though time spent with traditional media is shrinking, TV is still the single biggest channel, accounting for 41% of total media consumption in 2015.

This share is expected to decline further, to 38% by 2018, but it will still be some way ahead of the internet, which Zenith forecasts will take up 31% of media consumption in that year.

Data sourced from MediaPost; additional content by Warc staff