HOLLYWOOD, FL: Nissan, the automaker, is generating tangible benefits from national to local levels by taking an integrated approach to its media strategy.

Jeremy Tucker, VP/Marketing Communications and Media for Nissan North America, discussed this topic at the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) 2016 Masters of Media Conference.

More specifically, he suggested the need to "make every dollar count" is magnified for the car marque, given the presence of big-spending rivals in its category.

"We have to be smart. Integrated media lets us do that, because it helps contribute value to our internal goals, to drive efficiency, and also drive effectiveness," Tucker said. (For more, including details of the brand's successful Heisman Trophy sponsorship, read Warc's exclusive report: How one Nissan partnership drove 2.6% of sales.)

These programs – which might involve mixing TV, social and mobile, for example – are enjoying a rapid uptick in demand among marketers, yielding "about 5% of annual growth across industries," he continued.

And the joint power of these channels means "one plus one equals three: It actually generates even more return because the media can help offset production; it can help offset sponsorship fees; and it can make the marketing really sing."

That result is due, in part, to the fact that mixing tent-pole content like television spots with other types of marketing message can help Nissan obtain multiple objectives.

"If we do it right, the media can actually impact not only the high brand level, but also my retail level, and all the way down to my dealership level," said Tucker.

Nissan's network of 1,100 dealers, for instance, run their own media placements. And in this context, there are clear benefits from campaigns and partnerships that can have an impact on localised promotional efforts.

An illustration involves Nissan's affiliation with the Heisman Trophy, college football's top individual prize, which is led by high-profile TV ads featuring past winners, and filters right down to local markets by taking the trophy on tour.

"I can provide support to my regions and to my dealers as one master integrated campaign, and sync what I'm doing with the media with what they're buying in their local markets."

Data sourced from Warc