NEW YORK: Streaming service Hulu is teaming up with a number of partners to launch new interactive ad units and ad measurement tools.

Announcing the developments at the Hulu Upfront Presentation in New York, Peter Naylor, SVP of Advertising Sales, claimed that "Hulu offers brands the most effective way to reach the streaming audience, at scale, in the living room.

"The partnerships we've announced today with Nielsen, Millward Brown and BrightLine point to the future of television and everything that's possible in a connected TV environment," he added.

The tie-up with BrightLine, a producer of dynamic, interactive advertising, means Hulu is the first streaming service to deliver "interactive advertising units built exclusively for the living room".

And a collaboration with Nielsen will enable digital ad measurement through Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to capture OTT viewing in the living-room environment for the first time.

Hulu said this would enable it to "deliver the accurate measurement of viewership beyond the PC for advertisers on a campaign level basis".

In addition, it announced that a new partnership with market research firm Millward Brown would allow it to provide increased advertising effectiveness insights and tools, including brand affinity metrics spanning OTT viewing environments.

These moves come as CEO Mike Hopkins reported that Hulu's subscriber base had grown more than 30% year on year and will reach 12m subscribers in the US this month.

Earlier this week, he also confirmed plans to offer both live and recorded programming from a streamlined bundle of broadcast and cable channels.

"This is designed for the people that the marketplace is concerned are falling out of love with pay TV," he told the New York Times. "We want to have a product for them."

He added that TV was "very personal for people" and that Hulu aimed to have as many of the shows as possible that they wanted and loved.

"And then we have to personalize the service for you so that you know that we have them and that we are recommending the next one that we hope you will enjoy."

Data sourced from Hulu, New York Times; additional content by Warc staff