RALEIGH, NC: OTT streaming services have the highest favourability rating of any television-viewing option among US consumers, half of whom have considered ending their use of cable or satellite, according to new research.

Mohu, a consumer electronics manufacturer which describes itself as "dedicated to leading the audio listening and TV cord-cutting revolutions", surveyed 1,236 US television viewers and reported that streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu received a 52% favourability rating.

That figure compared with 44% who had a favourable attitude towards over-the-air broadcasting, while just 33% and 32% respectively expressed favourable opinions of satellite TV companies and cable TV companies.

Despite their low evaluation of cable services, just over half respondents (51%) said this was the main way they watched TV at home, ahead of satellite (29%), OTT (10%) and over-the-air antenna (7%).

And because of their experiences with cable companies, 54% said they had considered cutting the cord to get rid of cable or satellite.

The survey found that pricing was a leading indicator driving consumer unfavourability toward cable and satellite services with nearly half (48%) paying more than $100 a month.

In addition to pricing, 40% of consumers indicated that the main reason they have not already ditched their cable service is because this is bundled with their internet or phone service, indicating that most would-be cord cutters feel trapped by cable bundles.

Nor are they enthusiastic about the number of channels on offer. Two thirds watched ten channels or fewer in any given week; and only one in five thought that access to hundreds of channels was a good thing.

Jim Williams, a polling analyst at Public Policy Polling which carried out the research, said the results showed broad agreement across every demographic category and political affiliation.

"People are fed up with being locked into expensive cable TV packages and are looking for alternatives, both to save money and increase access to the entertainment content they desire," he said.

Data sourced from Mohu; additional content by Warc staff