NEW YORK: Marketers need to take a long view when using Pinterest, since the social media site is a "slow burn" with consumers, according to marketers.

"My big takeaway on Pinterest is that it's a new angle for marketers who want to target users who are future-planning," said Melina Ex, East Coast managing director at mobile marketing agency Fetch.

"So rather than expecting direct results immediately, the goal should be to disguise your native content as quality pins that people will save to their boards as part of their larger plans, to be acted upon at some point in the future," she told Mobile Marketer

Jamie Tedford, founder and CEO of social marketing agency Brand Networks, agreed, arguing that "Pinterest is becoming a staple in any brand's marketing mix". He also claimed a 215% quarter-on-quarter increase in the number of Brand Networks customers advertising on the platform in the final three months of 2015.

Pinterest's utility to marketers has increased since the platform expanded the number of interest categories that advertisers can buy against from 30 to 420.

Tedford also expected that more marketers would find mobile opportunities there. "Pinterest is a discovery platform with a design that plays well to mobile-first audiences," he pointed out.

And he expected that more brands – especially in the CPG and retail categories – would test mobile, direct response advertisements on Pinterest to capture an audience of mobile shoppers.

Another use of Pinterest was highlighted at the recent ARF Ogilvy Awards, where home improvement retailer Lowe's picked up an award for a campaign that developed a series of How-to videos aimed at Millennials.

It did not actually reach this group via Pinterest but rather used Pinterest as a research tool to discover the most popular projects that people were interested in. It then recreated these projects, filming the process using a time-lapse technique before pushing the resulting superfast DIY videos out to the target audience on Instagram and Facebook.

Data sourced from Mobile Marketer; additional content by Warc staff