ST PETERSBURG, FL: Sales volumes and market shares for the top 100 CPG brands in the US have fallen over the past year, according to a new study which also reports a significant shift to private label.

The 2015 Mid-Year Performance Review, from marketing consultancy Catalina, looked at the sales and loyalty performance of the Top 100 Brands from a sample of the Catalina network that spans 26,000 food, drug and mass retailers.

It found that revenues for the Top 100 brands within its network declined slightly, by 0.8%, during the 52 weeks ending June 30, 2015. But over the same period, dollar sales for all brands and categories had risen 6%

Overall, 62 of the Top 100 brands had seen falling revenues, with an average decline of 4.4 %, while the 38 brands which had gained saw average growth of 5.5%.

Even growth was no guarantee of maintaining market share: 90 of the Top 100 had lost share within their category, including 28 that had increased sales.

Those gaining had performed below the category average of 7.2% growth, but that was a narrow difference compared to those in decline, where category growth of 5.4% had significantly widened the gap.

Catalina also established that among gainers the biggest factor in increasing sales volume had been increased consumption per shopper; among decliners, in contrast, brand shifting was the leading cause of their weakened performance.

When Catalina looked more closely at brand shifting, it found that private labels had benefited most. Its Brand Shifting Interaction Index indicated that, in 12 of 14 categories, the Top 100 brands exchanged volume with private labels 58% more than would be expected, based on fair share.

The extent to which brand loyalty has been downgraded in consumer thinking was demonstrated by the finding that 55% of previously highly loyal shoppers had either reduced their loyalty or completely defected.

Data sourced from Catalina; additional content by Warc staff