NEW YORK: A commitment to programmatic has "taken hold" across various divisions of Target, the retail giant, according to a leading executive from the company.

Patrick Reiter, the firm's group manager/digital, addressed this issue while speaking at MediaPost's OMMA Programmatic Display conference held during New York's Internet Week.

Here he revealed that the automation agenda has begun taking root at Target – and not just in the marketing department, where around 50% of desktop and mobile display ads are currently purchased in this fashion.

"At the apex, it's about a commitment to programmatic," said Reiter. (For more, including details of the firm's in-house programmatic exchange, read Warc's exclusive report: How Target hit the programmatic bullseye.)

"So, philosophically – from a dogmatic perspective – the notion of programmatic has taken hold throughout the company, and I think that's really significant."

Reiter drilled down into some of the ways that this discipline can potentially help the Minnesota-based organisation, from brand management to merchandising.

More specifically, he asserted the "notion that there's power in data, that a consistent methodology and technology can boost not only our marketing efforts, but really our business efforts.

"It can help us better coordinate messaging to our customer, better manage inventory [and] bring forward information in a way that we hadn't been able to before – so think about nuances buried within product feeds and things like that.

"All this comes into play from, really, technology hitting the retail space – and one of the themes is programmatic."

In keeping with the main thrust of this argument, Reiter was bullish regarding the future possibilities for programmatic in marketing, as long as it is approached with the necessary degree of rigour and due diligence.

"In our world, the methodology that is programmatic can work for any outcome, as long as we can define exactly what it is," he said.

Data sourced from Warc