SINGAPORE: Programmatic video is growing fast across Southeast Asia but nowhere more so than in the Philippines as new data shows inventory there grew threefold quarter-on-quarter in the first three months of 2015.

According to demand-side platform TubeMogul available desktop pre-roll video advertising inventory in The Philippines jumped from an average of 144m weekly auctions in Q4 2014 to 446m in Q1 2015.

Indonesia, up from 169m to 481m, and Singapore, up from 129m to 364m grew almost as fast; Thailand grew slowest, from 277m to 525m, but even that was an 89% increase.

The company's quarterly update for the region noted that individually these were not massive markets but pointed out that in combination they saw more than 1.8bn auctions a week. And with pre-roll prices remaining broadly stable, "demand in these markets appears to be growing to meet supply".

Mobile inventory was also growing fast, particularly in Singapore and Thailand. The former registered 41m average weekly auctions in the first quarter, a more than sevenfold increase on the previous quarter, while the latter leapt more than five times to 105m.

Mobile growth was brisk in Indonesia, up 243% to 77m average weekly auctions, while the Philippines reported a similar rate of increase to 73m.

Susan Salop, vp TubeMogul Asia observed that Southeast Asia was one of the fastest growing programmatic video advertising regions in the world.

"The opportunity for brands and publishers to take advantage of the power of automated media buying is significant," she said, adding that TubeMogul was investing significant resources "as we forecast tremendous interest by advertisers in the programmatic branding opportunity".

And she was especially bullish on mobile. "This will be a big year in Southeast Asian mobile programmatic branding and we expect the early adopters will enjoy first-mover advantage," she told Mumbrella Asia.

Data sourced from Tubemogul, Mumbrella; additional content by Warc stafF