SEATTLE: Facebook could overtake YouTube as a channel for brands to run video advertising and promotional content in 2015, according to a new study.

Mixpo, the video-advertising company, polled approximately 125 executives from digital, media and creative agencies, as well as from the client-side.

It reported that 77.8% of participants ran video advertising or promotional content on YouTube last year, a figure standing at 63% for Facebook.

When discussing current plans, however, fully 87% of interviewees stated they would use Facebook for such purposes this year, versus the total of 81.5% registered by YouTube on the same metric.

"Facebook taking over as the top property on which advertisers are intending to run video ads is a significant development," Mixpo's report asserted.

Looking at the broader online ecosystem, its analysis revealed that a majority of respondents would leverage Twitter for video ads or promotional material in 2015.

Instagram posted a reading of just under 40% here, while LinkedIn, Tumblr and Vine all came in at over the 20% mark.

Roughly one-in-ten featured organisations made no use of online video as a marketing medium in 2014, but this number has now dwindled to the low single digits.

"The advertisers we talk to are all generally interested in running video ads in social," Justin Kistner, Mixpo's vp/marketing, said in a statement. "What we see holding them back is a lack of experience."

When running video ads on social sites, the most important metric was "engagement with interactive elements" on 47%.

Next in the rankings came shares (43%), narrowly ahead of conversions (40%), total viewing time (38%), views (34%) and the click-through rate (30%).

Data sourced from Mixpo; additional content by Warc staff