BERLIN: New research into how tablet computers are used by German consumers has revealed significant differences between various age groups.

The study of 500 consumers from BITKOM, the German industry association for IT and new media, found that tablet users aged between 20 and 29 used them most for entertainment.

A full 71% of consumers in this age bracket used their device for playing gaming apps, compared with 47% of people aged 50 to 59.

Similarly, 55% of consumers in their twenties used tablets for listening to music while 42% watched TV and films on the devices. This compared to only 35% and 17% respectively for people in their fifties.

Michael Schidlack, a consumer electronics analyst at BITKOM, described tablets as "all-rounders" that have become increasingly popular entertainment devices for young people.

He said they have become "a hub for media consumption" for many youngsters, who are attracted by its touch technology, the built-in high-resolution screens and the growing number of apps available from the media.

With the price of tablets falling, sales are projected to increase to over 5m this year, up from 4.4m in 2012, and demand for devices with a smaller screen size of less than eight inches is helping to push down the price.

In other findings, the study found that 10% of Germans now own a tablet with 48% using them to view photos, 46% to visit social networks, 37% to read digital magazines and newspapers and 24% to work on documents.

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff