NEW YORK: Media usage habits are continuing to develop in the US, where the amount of time spent with digital channels each day is set to surpass TV viewing for the first time.

In a new report, eMarketer, the research firm, predicted that the average adult would spend five hours and nine minutes with digital media every day this year, an increase from four hours and 31 minutes last year.

The corresponding figures for TV stood at four hours and 31 minutes in 2013, a decline of seven minutes from 2012.

Mobile - including phones and tablets - is driving this shift, and non-voice usage time rises to two hours and 21 minutes on a daily basis, compared with just over 1.5 hours last year.

"Time spent with mobile has come to represent a little more than half of TV's share of total media time, as well as more than half of digital media time as a whole," eMarketer said.

Such a trend will slightly cannibalise online access via desktops and laptops, which are due to decrease by eight minutes year on year to two hours and 19 minutes.

Radio is set to see a contraction of six minutes to one hour and 26 minutes, according to the report, with print seeing exactly the same six-minute decline, falling to 32 minutes.

Overall media consumption will rise by 12 minutes to 11 hours and 52 minutes, an hour longer than in 2010.

The analysis suggested that media multitasking, like using a tablet while watching television, was directly contributing to this process.

"Multitasking helps to contribute to the increase in the overall time people spend with media each day," the report said.

Based on figures from audience measurement and research firms, trade bodies, academic studies and data from online media platforms, eMarketer assessed 400 data points from over 40 sources for its report.

Data sourced from eMarketer; additional content by Warc staff