NEW YORK: A quarter of marketing executives have used video content in email marketing campaigns, which has resulted in increased click-through and conversion rates, research has said.

The Relevancy Group surveyed 266 marketing executives for StreamSend, an email marketing service provider, and found that marketers using video in email were generating 40% higher monthly revenue than those who did not.

Some 55% of those using video in email marketing said they had increased click-through rates, while 24% had lifted conversion rates.

Other less tangible benefits included increasing the length of time subscribers spent reading the email, mentioned by 44% of respondents, and increased sharing and forwarding of the email message, quoted by 41%.

Among those not using video in this way, the main reason given was a simple lack of content, cited by 43%, according to eMarketer. Other factors included the extra costs involved in producing videos, referred to by 27%, and videos not being on the priority list, named by 24%.

There was also a significant degree of scepticism, among 22%, that video would improve the performance of an email campaign.

Technical issues made up the remaining reasons, with 18% saying video didn't work in all email client software, 9% not knowing it was possible and 7% saying their vendor's technology did not support it.

"Online videos are exploding in popularity while smartphones compete with desktops and laptops as a video delivery device, presenting a huge opportunity to stream video in email and other message formats," said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing.

StreamSend also suggested that videos should have the ability to be configured with call-to-action links, sharing mechanisms and auto-responders if they were to work effectively in email.

Data sourced from StreamSend, eMarketer; additional content by Warc staff