LONDON: Shopper satisfaction with ecommerce sites has declined in the UK over the last year, new figures show.

EpiServer, the software provider, and OnePoll, the research group, surveyed 1,000 consumers, and found the top 25 online vendors received an average satisfaction rating of 58%, down from 63% in 2011.

David Bowen, Product Manager at EPiServer, said: "The overall score of 58% is an indication that retailers are faring reasonably well, but also demonstrates that there is plenty of room for improvement and a real opportunity for savvy retailers."

Amazon, the ecommerce giant, posted a total of 73%. The web platform run by Marks & Spencer, the high-street chain, took second on 70%. House of Fraser, the department store operator, was third on 66%.

Completing the top five were ASOS, the fashion specialist, on 65%, a figure matched by Argos, the catalogue retailer, which also has a large brick and mortar network.

More broadly, 36% of interviewees said they had increased the amount of shopping they conducted online during the last year.

A 57% majority of the sample typically made purchases from a few favoured websites, while 40% tended to opt for whichever merchant offered the best prices.

Respondents stated that easy navigation was the most important feature of these sites, with 92% citing this matter. Effective product search facilities logged 89% on this metric.

When it came to making payments, another 92% of the panel agreed that clear and transparent shipping costs were the key consideration, but vendors only posted 75% on this measure.

Among the other vital features for buyers were being able to access detailed product specifications on 70% and the availability of high-quality images which can be seen from different angles on 62%.

Elsewhere, 54% of those polled valued user reviews and 40% expressed a preference for having tools which enabled them to directly compare products.

Data sourced from EpiServer; additional content by Warc staff