BERLIN: Consumers in Germany are increasingly using wireless devices to research and buy goods and services, new figures show.

According to a survey of 2,166 people, sponsored by eBay, 74% of respondents owning a smartphone or tablet had used them to research products online, with 36% making a purchase.

Looking at these purchases by age group, the majority, 45%, were made by 14–29 year olds, dropping to 38% for those aged 30–49, and just 22.8% for those over 50 years old.

Differences also emerged in terms of gender, as 40.1% of men had bought goods and services through this route, falling to 31.8% of women.

Among the current user base, 68.3% of shoppers had looked for more information about consumer electronics on their phone or tablet, standing at 67.1% for computers and 65.9% for CDs and DVDs.

Figures stood at 63.8% for software and apps, just ahead of books, which registered 63.7%.

When it came to the important issues when using this channel, 83% of device owners cited safe and trustworthy payment methods as crucial, and 84% were keen on simple payment options and quick delivery.

Elsewhere, 60% wanted faster data transfer speeds, 50% mentioned more consistent mobile coverage, 32.6% had been dissatisfied with apps they had used in the past, and 25.3% found mcommerce platforms hard to use.

Other problem points for consumers were the need for lower-cost mobile surfing and the provision of free out of home wireless networks, both scoring 69%.

Nicholas Lindner, director of government relations at eBay, said: "In light of the increasing digitization of our lives, mobile information and entertainment are becoming more and more of a basic need.

"This is accompanied by the desire of consumers to access mobile services as easily as possible, which in turn makes high demands on telecommunications companies, service providers and policymakers."

Data sourced from eBay; additional content by Warc staff