NEW YORK: NBC, the television broadcaster, and Bloomingdale's, the department store chain, have formed an innovative tie-up seeking to promote their respective new offerings for the autumn season.

As part of the two-month alliance, the range of catalogues produced by Bloomingdale's will feature stars from NBC shows, focusing heavily on new series like The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect, Up All Night, Whitney and Free Agent.

In exchange, Bloomingdale's will appear prominently at the end of NBC's Primetime Preview Show, providing details about its forthcoming schedule.

Tim Farish, NBC Entertainment's senior vice president, marketing, said in a statement: "Our businesses align during this period, so the notion of Fall Fashion, Fall TV is perfect for us both."

"The combination of NBC's new fall slate of programming with Bloomingdale's powerful brand and multiple touch points creates a very engaging consumer experience."

In evidence of this, storefront windows in prominent Bloomingdales outlets, such as those in Chicago and New York, will be based around themes linked to NBC programmes.

An augmented reality app for the iPad and iPhone, replicating an NBC premiere, will also allow customers in its stores to take photos of themselves as if stood "next to" NBC stars on the red carpet.

Participating consumers can then enter a competition to win $100 gift cards, a $5,000 shopping trip to Bloomingdales, a walk-on role in The Playboy Club or a visit to NBC's set in Los Angeles.

Online, exclusive content like interviews and behind the scenes footage, highlighting the importance of fashion, will be added to Facebook.

As well as being encouraged to upload their own photos, internet users who play back this material on the social network will also be able to put themselves forward for the in-store competitions.

"It all links back to our websites as well as our Facebook pages and Twitter pages," said Frank Berman, Bloomingdale's senior vice president, marketing.

"It's not to experience NBC as advertising; it's to be a part of their fall lineup."

Data sourced from NBC/New York Times; additional content by Warc staff