Warwick Cairns

08 September 2021 The power to punish transgressors underpins advertising regulations, but Warwick Cairns ponders what happens when there are no regulations at all.
10 August 2021 Today more than ever, the secret to having an effective brand lies less in the quality or performance of the products being sold and more in the power of the stories attached to them, says Warwick Cairns.
13 July 2021 In today’s fragmented media world, sport is one of the few truly shared experiences left to us. But unless brands embed a culture of effectiveness, money spent on sports marketing may well be wasted, says Warwick Cairns.
17 June 2021 As the post-pandemic world approaches, businesses shouldn’t rush to settle back into the old normal – or even to replace it with a new one, says strategist Warwick Cairns. Instead, 2021 offers once-in-a-generation opportunities to keep on experimenting to develop better, more effective working practices.
29 April 2021 Since it’s becoming harder for brands to avoid taking a political stance on issues, Warwick Cairns from The Effectiveness Partnership looks at the relationship between taking a stance and effectiveness -- and how brands can navigate this increasingly rocky terrain.