Tracey Follows

The more I think about the future of money; the future of rewards; the future of social media and the future of mobile....the more i think that we're talking about just one thing, not four.
Thinking a lot about the post-recessionary consumer, I went back to John Gerzema's talk on the 'post-crisis consumer' .
Lately I've been thinking about Fast Strategy and whether I really think Fast Strategy is Strategy at all.
So watching the TV one night last week, I was treated to the latest iteration of the BMW’s big idea: Joy.
It's Advertising Jim, but not as we know it. In 2006, Jeff Howe wrote about crowdsourcing in areas such as TV content, Amazon's web-based marketplace for computing tasks, and Corporate R&D, including the story of how outsourcing had solved a problem that had stumped the in-house researchers at Colgate-Palmolive.