Tim Williams

In the marketing space, a consistent failure to define the problem creates consistently suboptimal marketing results.
Agency professionals are largely having the wrong conversation, driven by the wrong language. Tim Williams says they should aim to use the value-oriented language of sellers.
Brands and agencies must accept that innovation cannot be credibly preached inside their organisations without a better understanding and adoption of risk theory, says Tim Williams.
Cost-cutting is mistakenly being used too much as a driver by today’s advertising and marketing professionals, says Tim Williams.
Marketing as a profession has allowed itself to be moved downstream, and ‘business consultants’ have come in to fill the void.
The term ‘strategic’ is overused and often misused, says Tim Williams. Marketing professionals should think more carefully about using the word, as calling people ‘strategic’ can make everyone else with a non-strategy role feel unnecessarily undervalued.
The implementation of the time-based billing model – borrowed from law firms by agency leaders like David Ogilvy in the 1980s – was actually a giant step backward for the ad industry.
If agencies can reframe what they offer in terms of providing solutions, not services, and recast the skills and talents within their business, then they will move up the value chain,  argues Tim Williams .
Brands would do well to take a leaf out of the Apple playbook and aim for a much simpler strategy, says Tim Williams, and offers a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.