Suchada Supakan, Natthaporn Loetsakulcharoen and Laddawan Thanlap

24 November 2021 Amid the pandemic and its impact on Thailand’s automotive industry, i-dac Bangkok’s Suchada Supakan explores the e-commerce opportunities for auto brands and charts the future of marketing for automotive commerce in the kingdom.
13 October 2021 Amid soaring numbers of gamers and gaming revenues, i-dac Bangkok’s Suchada Supakan deep dives into the Thai gaming industry to define the marketing opportunities for brands.
01 September 2021 Suchada Supakan of i-dac Bangkok examines the boom in online VDO streaming services and what it means for brands and advertisers eyeing the Thai market.
11 August 2021 Online shopping for groceries and FMCG in Thailand has spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic and i-dac Bangkok’s Suchada Supakan shares research that can help advertisers understand consumers better and shape the right marketing strategy.