Steven Van Belleghem

09 March 2022 The ‘metaverse’ has become a marketing buzzword but opinion is divided between the sceptics and those who are really excited about its potential. Some brands are using the metaverse well, says Prof Steven van Belleghem.  
07 May 2021 Companies will need to find solutions that do not require consumers to make difficult choices that often leave them feeling guilty, says Steven Van Belleghem.
07 January 2020 The next decade will bring new expectations of marketers, argues Steve Van Belleghem – saving time, answering hopes, and allaying fears – meeting them requires what they are and how to address them.
11 June 2019 AI will bring big changes to everyday commerce – and brands have a limited window in which to act to avoid becoming invisible to customers, says Professor Steven Van Belleghem.
02 May 2019 Companies like KFC, Volvo, and ASOS, are using artificial intelligence to add value for customers. Steve Van Belleghem explores how.
15 March 2019 Chinese media app Toutaio has been described as the most addictive media platform in the world. Steven van Belleghem takes a closer look.
01 February 2019 Move over Silicon Valley – it’s time to learn from how China does tech innovation, says Prof. Steven Van Belleghem