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05 November 2021 Suzy Deering, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Ford, speaks to WARC’s Stephen Whiteside for WARC Marketer’s Toolkit 2022 about how the automotive giant is enhancing its e-commerce capabilities, drilling down into lifetime value, and advancing its sustainability agenda. Toolkit 2022 This interview is part of WARC's Marketer's Toolkit 2022. Read more .
01 November 2021 Himanshu Sinha, VP/Digital Growth and E-commerce at sustainable shoe and apparel brand Allbirds, spoke to WARC’s Stephen Whiteside for Marketer’s Toolkit 2022 about sustainability as part of the brand’s DNA, differentiation in e-commerce, and experimentation in media. Toolkit 2022 This interview is part of WARC's Marketer's Toolkit 2022. Read more .
26 October 2021 Zena Srivatsa Arnold, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at consumer packaged goods (CPG) giant Kimberly-Clark, speaks to WARC’s Stephen Whiteside for Marketer’s Toolkit 2022 about building a value exchange with consumers, dealing with high demand during COVID-19 and why e-commerce is here to stay. Toolkit 2022 This interview is part of WARC's Marketer's Toolkit 2022. Read more .
29 October 2020 The iconic “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign has delivered ten years of success for Snickers. Stephen Whiteside from WARC explains why consistency, local relevance, and humor have all played a critical role in this outcome.
28 June 2020 Following a week of livestreamed talks from Lions Live, a digital-content platform run by Cannes Lions, Stephen Whiteside, WARC’s Reports Editor, looks at the biggest takeaways from five days of inspiring thought leadership.
10 June 2020 The marketing industry needs to step up to tackle inequality, according to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and its Alliance for Inclusive & Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) division. Stephen Whiteside, WARC’s Reports Editor, breaks down some of their recommended next steps.
29 April 2020 Understanding the habits that consumers are adopting in the face of COVID-19, and the activities they believe will outlast the pandemic, is essential for marketers. WARC’s Stephen Whiteside outlines the headline results from a new study on this topics.
21 April 2020 Steve Whiteside spoke to Colin Mitchell, SVP/Global Marketing, McDonald’s as part of WARC’s Learn from the best report.
17 April 2020 Steve Whiteside spoke to Fernando Machado, CMO, Burger King as part of WARC’s Learn from the best report.
17 April 2020 Marketers are delivering work that reflects, and responds to, the spread of the coronavirus despite the challenges of fostering creativity under lockdown, a study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has found. WARC’s Stephen Whiteside provides more details.
18 March 2020 Responding to Coronavirus is a challenge for any business. A study from research firm Gallup provides an insight into the steps that 100 large companies are taking, WARC’s Stephen Whiteside reports.
16 March 2020 COVID-19 is rapidly disrupting established behaviors among consumers and business-to-business customers, but there are few simple answers in this new trading environment, WARC’s Stephen Whiteside reports.
12 March 2020 As COVID-19 spreads around the world, companies may need to abandon traditional strategies in areas like pricing if they want to maintain public trust, WARC's Stephen Whiteside argues.
09 March 2020 The dramatic spread of COVID-19 poses a challenge to societies, governments and businesses across the globe. In a recent earnings call, AB InBev, which has operations in roughly 50 nations and sells beer in more than 150 countries, provided an overview of its emerging response to the crisis.
12 January 2020 CES 2020 delivered its usual mass of cutting-edge innovation, but also displayed a practical streak, as various big-name marketers demonstrated their growing tech savvy. WARC’s Stephen Whiteside was on the ground in Las Vegas to observe this blurring of two worlds.
15 November 2019 Customer experience is now a vital consideration for strategists . Stephen Whiteside, WARC’s managing editor/reports and news, learned that mastering this discipline requires a fresh understanding of consumers, brand building, and marketing ethics.
26 September 2019 The final day of Advertising Week New York 2019 offered a wide range of insights, from the importance of “saves” as a metric on Instagram to the fact many ads fall short in their depictions of mothers.
25 September 2019 The penultimate day of Advertising Week New York 2019 featured some big names on the stage, and some even bigger issues for marketers to think about.
25 September 2019 The second day of Advertising Week New York 2019 coincided with the United Nations General Assembly in the Big Apple – and laid out a multi-faceted agenda for brands around the world to consider.
23 September 2019 The first day of Advertising Week New York 2019 featured approximately 100 sessions – and this list of keynotes and panels seemed to cover almost as many different subjects.
01 May 2019 As the world’s biggest advertiser, Procter & Gamble is often a bellwether for the industry’s future. Its approach to in-housing, outlined here by Stephen Whiteside from WARC, should thus be of interest to brands and agencies alike.
26 April 2019 Accenture Interactive’s recent purchase of creative hot-shop Droga5 prompted considerable discussion about the future of traditional agencies, the role of management consultancies in marketing, and whether further acquisitions are likely in the near future. To get a longer-term perspective on this acquisition, WARC’s Stephen Whiteside talked to Michael Kassan, the chairman/CEO of strategic advisory firm MediaLink – which, itself was acquired by Ascential (also the owner of WARC) in 2017.
24 April 2019 Rejecting outmoded stereotypes is becoming table stakes for advertisers. At a recent conference, Stephen Whiteside from WARC learned that flipping them may be even more powerful.
01 April 2019 Boosting the accurate portrayal of girls and women in ads and media is the main goal of the SeeHer initiative. From New York, WARC’s Stephen Whiteside reports on the project’s progress.
20 April 2016 Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is set to benefit from a "virtuous cycle" as new technologies and capabilities connect screens and locations with smartphones, beacons and even virtual reality, according to a recent report from the IAB.