Simon Law

I think we’re becoming more formulaic as an industry. Easily said, but the opposite is hard to do – doing great work is difficult and I don’t deny that everyone (almost everyone) is trying for great work all the time.
I'm wondering about our politeness as brands. It all seems very British and correct to not knock others or be unduly negative.
We have nothing quite like the Super Bowl in the UK. Yes, there’s TV events like the finale of “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” which netted somewhere in the region of 10 million viewers – one of the bigger TV audiences we see nowadays.
It's time to upgrade from propositions as our holy grail of strategy and briefs. I know you want to keep them, because they're familiar, pithy, sometimes single-minded (at least, the good ones are), they form the central part of the strategic brief and you're probably quite brilliant at finding the right one.
In the pursuit of a social networking strategy for the brand I'm working on, I've been digging around to see what other brands are doing and trawling for information, learnings, advice, etc… And I thought I'd share the five key things I learnt.
Right now, there's a massive shift taking place - it's being discussed online, in agencies and with clients.