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Sam Peña-Taylor

The smartphone is, to most of us, indispensable, and more frequently used than any other device. Though Apple began the smartphone era as we know it today with the original iPhone in 2007, the latest iteration, iPhone X, will test the loyalty of consumers to the device that placed the phone into the mainstream of our lives.
Programmatic is a term surrounded by noise. It goes along with persistent calls for more data, and more insight from across the industry.
Welsh people don't often get much to cheer about. And yet we do - often.
"As far as I know," David Ogilvy said, "I’m the only creative genius who started his career in research." The ARF David Ogilvy Awards celebrate the extraordinary and creative use of research in powering effective advertising.
The DBA Awards, published earlier this month on, recognise design projects that are creatively and commercially effective.